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  • Levanger Museum of Photography: Has a collection of approximately 600 000 negatives from professional photographers and amateurs, and thousands of objects related to photography. The museum is specialized in early colour photography.  Levanger Museum of Photography aims to make the collection accessible for the audience. Photographs from the archive can be viewed at the shared network Digitalt Museum. Selected pictures and updated information on what is happening at the museum are regularly posted on Facebook and Instagram.
  • The Museum can offer on site: Both permanent and temporary exhibitions, different types of arrangements and lectures. The museum offers courses about photography in the field of preservation and digitalization. The museum offers drop-in advice on analouge photography, produces digital files or prints on demand.
  • Exhibitions: The museum's main exhibition is The Renbjoer Room, an exhibition about the chemist Harald Renbjoer, a pioneer in colour photography. It displays a selection of Harald- and his son Per Renbjoer's pictures, amongst them what is known to be the oldest colour photography in Norway, The Skier from 1907. In addition, there is a fully restored chemistry laboratory and items from the photobusiness. New temporary temprorary exhibition I transitt  en portrettsamling sett med museumsblikk  opened in april and is available until the end of september. The exhibition is about gender representation in studioportraits from ca 1990-2000. 
  • The Collection: The collection contains archives from photographers from Levanger, Verdal, Steinkjer, Lierne, Meraaker etc. The very first collection that came under museum care was  pictures and object from the Levanger based photographer Sverre Bjerkan and his son Christian Bjerkan. This collection alone consists of  well over 60 000 photographies many of them glassplates. Of special interest is the archive from the colour photography pioneer Harald Renbjoer. The museum is also managing the archives of professional photographers like, Lars Larsen Ingulfsvand, Ingvald Groven, Martin Knoph, Lornts Larsson, Olga Anderson, Bjarne Wiseth, Kjell Bjærtnes, as well as and other photography archives created by amateurs. Additional information about the collection and the archives is here,pictures can be viewed at Digitalt Museum. Wideroes air photos is available from Levanger Municipality Maps.

Photo: Sverre Bjerkan

Photo: Sverre Bjerkan, 1905 O.C.Eide in the office


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